Behavioral Sciences

DEGREE requirements

Pre-Major courses

(9 credits)

PSY 101

General Psychology

AN 200

Cultural Anthropology

SO 200

Introductory Sociology

Foundation courses

(12 credits)

PSY 200

Life Span Development

SO 302

Theory in the Behavioral Sciences

PSY 321

Psychology of Personality 

PSY 322

Social Psychology

Sociology and Social Policy

Social Issues

(9 credits)

AN 341

Virtual Worlds, Digital Realities

SO 308

Social Problems

SO 311

Marriage and Family

SO 407

Society and Mental Disorders

Cross-Cultural Interaction

(12 credits)

AN 340

Contemporary Peoples of Hawaii

AN 350

Cultures of Oceania

AN 357

East Asian Societies

SO 331

Asian American Communities

SO 360

Sociology & Philosophy of Gender

SO 401

Race and Ethnic Relations

Pre-Professional Course

( 3 credits)

SO 327*

Career Development in the Behavioral Sciences

Research Skills & Senior Thesis

(7 credits)

SO 317

Social Research Methods and Evaluation

SO 494*

Senior Thesis Research

SO 498*

Senior Thesis

Specialty courses from other universities may be substituted for major requirements with the approval of the faculty advisor.

* must be completed at Chaminade University