Education Minor

The Minor in Education provides students with an opportunity to explore the field of education in preparation for becoming a future teacher. Students from all majors, who are interested in the possibilities of becoming a teacher will benefit from completing this minor.

Minor in Education (15 credits) includes the following courses

course number

course name



Educational Psychology


PSY 202

Child Development


ED 404

Managing School Environments


AN 340

Contemporary Peoples of Hawaii


ED 326

Exceptional Child


In addition, EDUC 630 History and the Profession of Education (3) should be taken during the student’s senior year.

Upon completion of the Education minor, students will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of learner development, learner differences, diverse students and the learning environment to optimize learning for Elementary students.

  2. Adapt learning activities for individual differences and the needs of diverse learners while maintaining safe, positive, caring, and inclusive learning environments.

  3. Analyze the history, values, commitments, and ethics of the teaching profession within the school community.