Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the DNP program will:

1.      Scientific Underpinnings for Practice: Integrate nursing science with knowledge from biophysical, psychosocial, analytical, ethics, and organizational sciences as the basis for advanced practice nursing using new approaches to care delivery.

2.      Organizational and Systems Leadership: Create and lead high quality and safe nursing care in a complex global health care environment that supports service, justice, and peace.

3.      Clinical Scholarship: Create and disseminate knowledge in evidence-informed practice.

4.      Information Systems and Patient Care Technology: Evaluate emerging technologies for their ability to improve health care outcomes and support adaptation and change.

5.      Health Care PolicyEvaluate health policy and advocate for social justice and access to health care especially for marginalized patients and families.

6.      Interprofessional Collaboration: Create collaborative interprofessional relationships to improve patient and population health outcomes.

7.      Clinical Prevention and Population Health: Evaluate the social, cultural, environmental, and faith-based dimensions of population health in practice patterns/systems.

8.      Advanced Practice Nursing: Independently assess, diagnose, treat, and manage culturally diverse populations.