Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Environmental + Interior Design (E+ID) is structured to prepare students for a professional career in Interior Design and related fields. Environmental + Interior Design majors are offered a wide range of courses, exposing them to many diverse and interdisciplinary aspects of the design profession.

The E+ID curriculum is structured to build theoretical and conceptual understanding of the design process as well as foundational skill set competencies. Course delivery types include studio courses, tech apps (technology applications), professional preparation and lecture. The Curriculum emphasizes problem solving, materials research, universal and sustainable design principles, computer skills and professional ethics, as well as the visual arts and classic art and architecture. Students learn to assess and interpret human interaction with the built environment, as well as deciphering building codes – essential to the health, safety & welfare of the general public. Environmental + Interior Design majors are mentored to seek creative, innovative solutions to identified design problems, and to develop safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces in which to work, live and recreate.

The Environmental + Interior Design (E+ID) program begins its cohorts of study in the fall semester. Students interested in E+ID begin pre-major studies their first semester. Students may be accepted by the university in the spring semester, and being their E+ID pre-major studies with the Program Director’s or Administrative permission. Upon request, transfer students may enter the E+ID pre-major program. The E+ID Program Director, via course descriptions, syllabi, and a portfolio of  student work may, review transfer credits.

Seeking a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Environmental + Interior Design (BFA-EID) requires completing a Declaration of Major (DOM) and being approved as an E+ID major. CUH policy requires a major be declared by the time a student has earned 60 credit hours. Advancement to upper division courses in the E+ID program is contingent upon completion of the 200 level courses and passing the CUH-EID Comprehensive Exam and Practicum. Registration in upper division studio courses is prohibited without a passing grade for both sections of the exam. A minimum grade point average of 2.5 (in all E+ID coursework) is required to maintain active status in the Environmental + Interior Design program.

Pre-Major requirements (32 credits): AR 201 or AR 202, EID 200, EID 202, EID 205, EID 211, EID 216, EID 217, EID 220, EID 271, EID/GE 335 and successful completion of the CUH-EID Comprehensive Exam and Practicum.

Major Requirements (48 Upper Division Interior Design credits) to include: EID 310, EID 311, EID 312, EID 319, EID 321, EID 325, EID 355, EID 370, EID 384, EID 410, EID 414, EID 415, EID 470, EID 471, and one upper division elective chosen from: EID 380,EID 480,EID 481 orEID 482.