Communication (COM)

COM 101 Introduction to Communication (3)

Introduction to major forms of communication. Activities for students to learn effective communication skills for two-person, small groups, and public situations. Examinations and application of basic principles of message development for personal and public speech.

COM 190 Communication Seminar (1)

This course introduces students to the communication field. It explores careers in professional communication with an emphasis on responsibilities, demands, and opportunities in various occupational areas. Students will gain exposure to ethical issues as well as technical dimensions of the various branches of the field.

COM 200 Introduction to Mass Communication (3)

Survey of the history and purpose of mass communication. Examination of the various career areas (advertising, broadcasting, journalism and public relations) is done through practical, cross-media projects.
Prerequisites: COM 101, EN 102

COM 250/L Introduction to Video Production (3/1)

Study of the basic skills of performance and single-camera field production in broadcasting. Students learn to operate a video camera and introduced to video and audio editing techniques. They work individually and in groups throughout the semester to create short videos.
Prerequisite: COM 101
Corequisites: COM 250, COM 250L

COM 274 Writing for Mass Communication (3)

Developing and practicing writing skills for advertising, broadcasting, journalism, and public relations. Introduction to the study and practice of law and ethics in determining news values, gathering information, and communicating clearly and accurately for mass audiences. Grammar and mechanics and Associated Press style are emphasized.

COM 302 Data Journalism (3)

Lecture course addressing the use and misuse of data and statistics in media. Data inputs into, and impact upon, the journalistic and communications process will be addressed through case studies. Data distillation techniques and storyboarding will be covered, with practical examples.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101, DS 200, and MA 331

COM 310 Intercultural Communication (3)

Major concepts in the study of communication with people from different cultural backgrounds. Values, beliefs, expectations, customs, and attitudes of various ethnic groups are studied to facilitate communication across cultural boundaries.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101

COM 320 Professional Presentations (3)

Theory and practice in the more advanced forms of informative and persuasive speaking. Incorporation of visual communication aids and presentation graphics. Critical analysis of principal speakers and speeches.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101

COM 325 Photography for Social Change (3)

Study the basics of still photography technology, the elements of good composition, and visual storytelling. Students apply their learned skills to facilitate social change, by documenting needs or working groups to teach others photo skills. Service-Learning.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101

COM 330/L Intermediate Video Production (3/1)

Fundamentals of scripting, single-camera field production, use of professional equipment, and editing are developed through a series of practical exercises.
Prerequisite: COM 250, COM 250L, COM 101, EN 102
Corequisites: COM 330, COM 330L

COM 340 Interpersonal Relations (3)

Practical approach to understanding theories of communication in face-to-face encounters. Attention to conflict resolution and the overall motivations and effects of interpersonal interaction.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101

COM 350/L Studio Video Production (3/1)

The fundamentals of serving as a member of a multi-camera studio production crew are developed through a series of practical exercises. Each student will learn and practice a variety of roles and responsibilities.
Prerequisites: COM 250, COM 250L, COM 101, EN 102
Corequisites: COM 350, COM 350L

COM 360 Social Media Communication (3)

Social Media Communication explores the theories behind this type of communication and provides practical knowledge in the use of social media tools. Students learn how to strengthen their online presence, and improve their communication and presentation skills on the web. Topics include LinkedIn, Facebook, Google search techniques, Tumblr blogs, Cloud Storage, Twitter, Prezi, and the newest trends in social media services.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101

COM 361 Internet Radio (3)

Take part in the exciting world of college radio! Be a DJ on Radio CUH, Chaminade's internet radio station. Spend time on-air, sharing your excellent musical taste with friends and family worldwide. Take part in remote broadcasts from campus events. Learn about the regulations and technologies involved in streaming music to a global audience. An excellent choice for an upper-division elective, and a great way to stay in touch with distant friends and family. 
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101

COM 370 News Writing (3)

Study and practice of principles in interviewing, news writing, and journalistic reporting. Focuses on the careful research and objective writing required for print and online media.
Prerequisites: EN 101, COM 101, COM 200, COM 274
Corequisites: COM 371 recommended

COM 371/L Communication Practicum (3/1)

Practical experience in newspaper production, including writing, editing, and photojournalism. The course includes peer mentoring and supervision opportunities.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101, COM 274, or instructor permission
Corequisites: COM 371, COM 371L

COM 375 Public Relations (3)

Study of the principles and scope of public relations. Practice in techniques used with special attention to publicity writing image projection and public relations campaigns. Service-Learning.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101, COM 200, COM 274

COM 378 Graphic and Publication Design (3)

Emphasizes the visual aspects of communication by focusing on the creative process of using art and technology through computer-assisted page design and layout.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101, COM 200

COM 380 Special Topics (3)

Selected topics in communication offered periodically.

COM 387 Communication Internship (1 to 3)

Internships in communication fields: advertising, broadcasting, journalism, or public relations. Three semester hours may be used to fulfill major requirements in Communication; nine semester hours only in any combination of practica and internships may be used to fulfill the total number needed for graduation.
Prerequisites: junior or senior standing and approval of advisor.

COM 422 Communication through Cinema (3)

Enjoy 15 movies selected from three different genres, such as American classics; summer blockbusters; anti-heroes; films based on graphic novels; documentaries; musicals; specific directors; and more. Discuss, compare, and contrast the films from a communications perspective. A great way to expand your media literacy.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101

COM 425 Advanced Photography for Social Change (3)

Advanced study of still photography technology, further perfecting the elements of good composition and visual storytelling. Students apply their learned skills to facilitate social change, by documenting need or working in groups to teach others photo skills. Service-Learning.
Prerequisite: EN 102, COM 101, COM 325, or instructor permission

COM 430/L Advanced Video Production (3/1)

Students work independently with service oriented clients to develop a Service-Learning product that uses technical skill in video, advanced camera and editing theory & operation. They also critique and analyze the use of professional media.
Prerequisite: EN 102, COM 101, COM 330, COM 330L
Corequisites: COM 430, 430L

COM 431 Integrated Marketing Communication (3)

Public relations and advertising promotions are integrated marketing communications. Topics include theory, budgeting, communication, media forms, creativity, coordination, and evaluation of campaigns.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101, COM 200, COM 375, BU 200 , MKT 301 or permission of instructor

COM 433 Media Law and Ethics (3)

Examines the secular and religious perspectives of law and ethics in the media communication fields. The study includes First Amendment issues, prior restraint, defamation, privacy and copyright. Perspectives on personal and social meaning and moral judgement within contemporary writers in philosophy and theology of communication.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101, COM 200, RE 103, or RE 205 or permission of the instructor

COM 437/L Consumer Research (3/1)

Students learn the purpose of consumer research and how to implement a market research project. The class explores traditional types of research designs, as well as newer ethnographic approaches for both quantitative and qualitative. Ethical issues related to the practice of consumer research are also covered.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101, MKT 301
Corequisites: COM 437, COM 437L

COM 440 Marketing Strategy (3)

This course addresses the organization and coordination of the total marketing program, including the marketing mix elements, market research, market segmentation, and positioning in a case analysis format. Students will understand the interrelationships among all elements of marketing critical to strategic decision-making. Students develop a strategic marketing plan for a real organization, providing hands-on experience with the process.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101, MKT 301, COM 437, COM 437L, senior standing

COM 450/L Studio Video Production II (3/1)

Students develop the ability to supervise a video production and group collaboration in a television studio environment. They also design and set up an appropriate studio operation and direct on-air talent from studio floor and control room for a video news/magazine show.
Prerequisites EN 102, COM 101, COM 350, COM 350L
Corequisites: COM 450, COM 450L

COM 471/L Communication Practicum II (3/1)

Students learn to budget content for a news publication, use standard editing marks to edit and rewrite stories and captions using industry-standard graphic design software to deliver print ready files to a publisher. They also supervise each step of the design process from concept development to production, and completion of an actual published newspaper. Typical work includes selecting photos, cropping and design of photo page layouts.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101, COM 371
Corequisites: COM 471, COM 471L

COM 476/L Integrated Campaigns (3/1)

Study, development, and application of advertising, marketing, and public relations strategies. Emphasis on business management and media relations as effective tactics on mass audiences. Participation in competitive campaigns or Service- Learning projects provides opportunities for hands-on experience.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101, COM 431 or permission of instructor
Corequisites: COM 476, COM 476L

COM 480 Special Topics (3)

Directed study of selected topics in communication may include Advanced Studio Production, Advanced Broadcast Performance, Advanced News Writing, Advanced Graphic Design, Advanced Multi-Media, and opportunities for hands-on experience.
Prerequisites: EN 102, COM 101, the permission of the instructor