Environmental Science (ENV)

Pre-major Requirements
ENV 100, CH 102/L, BI 104, ENV 201/L, ENV 202/L, BI 215/L, BI 216/L, MA 110, and MA 210 or MA 331

Major Requirements
BI 300, ENV 300, BI 311, BI 312, ENV 310/L, ENV 400, ENV 415/L, ENV 450, BI 471/L ENV 485, and either DS 404 or BI 430/L

The following courses are recommended for Environmental Sciences majors to fulfill their elective and/or UDOM degree requirements:

ENV 300

Environmental Policy

and Law

ENV/EC 315

Environmental Economics

EID 384

Sustainability in Design

BI 450

Science, Technology and Social Entrepreneurship

BI 495

Research I

Additional sciences courses as determined by student’s particular interests