Forensic Science Minor

A student that has declared a major other than Forensic Sciences may declare a Minor in Forensic Sciences. This Minor can be beneficial for students interested in a career in anthropology, criminal justice, psychology, and law. Earning the Minor in

Forensic Sciences requires the completion of the following courses:

Minor Curriculum

18 credit hours; 8 courses to include the following:

course number

course name


FS 230

Forensic Sciences 

3 Semester hours

FS 333L

Physical Forensic Sciences Laboratory 

1 Semester hour

FS 340/L

Crime Scene Investigation 

3/1 Semester hours

FS 450

Forensic Anthropology 

3 Semester hours

FS 455

Medicolegal Death Investigation 

3 Semester hours


CJ 465

Narcotics and Drug Crimes 

3 Semester hours

FS 490


1 Semester hour

FS 491

Professional Skills for Forensic Scientists 

3 Semester hours


CJ 426

Courtroom Advocacy in Criminal Justice 

3 Semester hours

Upon completion of the Forensic Sciences minor, students will be able to:

  1. Apply the scientific method in an adaptive and mindful manner

  2. Use techniques for recognition, documentation, analysis, and interpretation of physical evidence

  3. Communicate disciplinary knowledge to diverse audiences