Hawaiian and Pacific Studies Minor

Pre-minor requirements:

HA 102 Basic Hawaiian Conversation and Grammar II or fluency in a Pacific Islander language other than English. Minor Requirements: 12 semester hours of upper division courses from the following:

course number

course name

AN 340

Contemporary Peoples of Hawaii

AN 350

Cultures of Oceania

EN 422

Modern Pacific Literature

GE 324

Geography of Tourism

HI 450/ POL 451

Pre-Modern Hawaii HI/ Modern Hawaii

HI 452

Pacific Islands in the Pre-Modern Era

HI/POL 453

Pacific islands in the Modern Era

RE 450

Hawaiian Oral and Religious Traditions

Upon successful conclusion of this minor, student will be able to:

  1. Compare and contrast the diversity and value of the different cultures found here in Hawaii, and throughout the Pacific

  2. Contextualize the influence and importance of the student’s own culture in relationship to the importance of the other cultures found in the region

  3. Analyze the growing economic, political, and social influence of this region in an increasing global community

  4. Apply the Marianist characteristic of service, justice, and peace through service-oriented activities in the courses and in extracurricular activities.