Tuition refund period

  • Before Course Start Date: Tuition refunded at 100%

  • During Week 1: Tuition refunded at 100%

  • During Week 2 and after: No refund will be given

Flex Add/Drop Policy

Students may drop a course and enroll in an alternative course by submitting an add/drop request to their academic advisor at any time during the add/drop period for the course being dropped. The add/drop policy is the same for all Flex programs and specific dates are noted in the Academic Calendar. 

Student Success, Proactive Advising, and Early Alert

The Office of Student Success has an early-alert system to route students to academic support when attendance or academic performance is in question. Faculty and staff may raise concerns about students at any point during the academic year and are notified of any action advisors or staff take to support the student. Student progress checkpoint surveys are issued to all instructors twice per term which prompts faculty to raise concerns or acknowledge exemplary student work. By the fourth week, a student who has received an early alert has the option of withdrawing from the course without grade penalty provided the withdrawal occurs within established deadlines. Student Success advisors will also be engaging with students and hosting workshops so students can engage in meaningful discussions and meet their classmates.

Attendance and Participation Policy 

Student attendance and participation in all FLEX courses is determined by timely completion of tasks within each lesson- these may include completion of readings, discussions and exams. Students in the Flex Standard program are required to complete all coursework within the 24 week time frame and students in the 16 week Flex program must complete within the 16 week timeframe. Students will respond to faculty initiated discussions while also engaged in student/faculty interactions throughout the course. Students will be assigned the grade earned at the completion of their term end date, based on assigned work completed and graded at that time. For students utilizing VA benefits, the School Certifying Officer (SCO) will monitor student course completion and adjust certification based on the course completion date. Certifications cannot be extended past the stated term date. 


Students may withdraw without record (WNR) from a course until Wednesday of week 3 of each term, regardless of Flex term. If a student withdraws by this date, the course does not appear on the student’s official transcript. The deadline for withdrawal will be listed in the term schedule. Students may withdraw from a course with a “W” on the record by the date published in the academic calendar. 

Administrative Withdrawal 

If the instructor confirms that the student has not substantially been academically engaged in a course by the fourth week of class, the person claiming the federal tax deduction, if known, will be notified of the situation. If the situation is not resolved by the end of the fifth week, the student will be administratively removed from the class. Please note that this will have the same effect on financial aid as a voluntary withdrawal.

Withdrawals from the University for Medical Reasons

Students who wish to request a medical withdrawal from the University will follow the policy outlined in 

Student Code of Conduct

Students should conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the ideals of the University. This includes knowing and respecting the intent of rules, regulations, and/or policies presented in the Student Handbook, and realizing that students are subject to the University’s jurisdiction from the time of their admission until their enrollment has been formally terminated. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more details. A copy of the Student Handbook is available on the Chaminade website under Student Life.