Associate of Arts (AA-EID)

The Associate of Arts Degree in Environmental + Interior Design (AA-EID) offers students the option of completing a two- year degree in Environmental + Interior Design. The two-year curriculum provides students with an elemental understanding of the profession. Successful completion of the CUH-EID Comprehensive Exam and Practicum is required to receive an AA-EID degree. Successful completion of the exam/practicum also provides the students with the option to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Environmental + Interior Design (BFA-EID). A minimum grade point average of 2.5 in the major is required to maintain active status and to graduate in the Environmental + Interior Design program.

Associate of Arts Concentration Requirements: Completion of the following courses: AR 201, AR 202, EID 200, EID 202, EID 205, EID 211, EID 216, EID 217, EID 220, EID 271. Associate of Arts students must successfully complete the CUH-EID comprehensive exam and practicum.