Tuition Charges


Full-time Day per Semester (12 - 19 credits)


Part-time Day per SCH (1-11 or 20 + credits)

$912/credit hour

Part-time SUMMER day per SCH

$580/credit hour

Credit by Examination


Credit Granted for Experiential Learning


Independent/Individualized Studies

$912/credit hour

Evening Undergraduate - Military Active Duty

$250/credit hour

Evening Undergraduate - Military Non-Active & DoD ID & VA per SCH

$435/credit hour

Evening Undergraduate - Other

$565/credit hour

Evening Undergraduate - BOH

$460/credit hour

Auditing course and any level

 50% rate 

Nursing Program - Full Day per Semester (12-19 credits)


Nursing Program - Part time Day (1 - 11 or 20 + credits)

$1,128/credit hour

Nursing Program - Part time SUMMER day

$770/credit hour

Nursing Program - Independent/Individualized Studies

$1,128/credit hour

Nursing 2022 summer rates (S3):


Nursing 2022 summer rates (S1 & S2):


Note: Students who have paid full-time tuition for the fall or spring semester may enroll in a combination of day undergraduate and evening undergraduate classes up to a total of 19 semester hours. Full-time tuition for the Fall semester will cover enrollments in the fall day undergraduate and fall evening terms.

Students taking 12 to 19 semester hours of course work in the 16-week session or any combination of 16 weeks and 10-week courses, in the above-listed terms, will pay full-time day undergraduate tuition. Any semester hours over 19 will be charged at the day undergraduate rate per semester hour.

Under this policy, a student may be registered in both day undergraduate and evening undergraduate program classes during the registration periods applicable to each term. More than 19 semester hours of concurrent enrollment must have the approval of the academic advisor and the Provost; approval is rarely granted. Once enrolled in 19 semester hours, students may not withdraw from a class and subsequently, add an evening undergraduate program course or weekend course without paying additional tuition.