Bachelor of Science Elementary Education with Kindergarten to 6th Grade Licensure (Day Undergraduate Program)

The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with Kindergarten to 6th Grade Licensure follows the traditional 15-week semester offered under Chaminade’s Undergraduate Program.

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Application & Admission Requirements (Undergraduate Program)

Chaminade students who are interested in applying for the education Division undergraduate programs must complete the Declaration of Major form with the Office of Advising and Career Development.

Additional admission requirements include:

For the Undergraduate Program

  • A minimum GPA of 3.00 upon application to the program

Pre-major Requirements: AN 340, COM 310, ED 220, GE 102, MA 105, MA 305, and PSY 202.

Major Requirements: ED 221, ED 222, ED 223, ED 320, ED 321, ED 322, ED 323, ED 324, ED 325, ED 326 ED 404, ED 408, ED

420, ED 490, ED 494, Passing Scores for Praxis II or have met subject-credit eligibility requirements per Hawaii Teacher Standards Board (HTSB) Guidelines and 72 hours of observation and practice (O&P)

  • ED 100 is required for first year students who enter in the fall semester

  • Field Experience/Observation & Participation: See Field Experience Policies section.