Program Advisor: Dr. Maria Brownlow

A Minor in Computer Information Systems (CIS) is offered. Twelve upper division credits in CIS courses are required.

The CIS Minor is for undergraduate students of all majors. Understanding and effectively using and managing information technology and systems is essential for personal and professional success in any endeavor. Organizations seek candidates who can use, manage and adapt information systems to create opportunities and competitive advantages. Effectively managing databases creates business intelligence from which strategic decisions are made. Understanding cybersecurity is mandatory for managing risk to organizations and their stakeholders because data and networks are linked. From marketing a product or yourself, to securely accounting for purchases or just sharing interests, information technology and systems affect every aspect of modern life.

Countries and economies compete in the cyber world. As a result, employers demand information technology skills, knowledge and competence from their employees. The CIS Minor is an excellent foundation for further growth in a skill set the job market expects in today’s generation.