Chaminade University’s colors are blue and white. The flaming sword on the Chaminade seal symbolizes the twofold “sword.” First, it is the Word of God, Christ, the life of the soul. And second, the word of the person, the life of the mind. It also represents the dual purpose of Chaminade: to guide students toward truth and faith and toward the aesthetic, cultural, and scientific truths of the human race, producing Christian men and women endowed with a sense of their rich cultural heritage.

The University seal includes the words Vita in Verbo “Life in the Word.” Chaminade is also identified with the rare silversword plant, indigenous to Hawaii and found on Haleakala ( a dormant volcano on the island of Maui). The flowers of this local plant are said to resemble the Cross, the symbol of the Christian faith. Chaminade’s athletic teams bear the name "Silverswords."

The University logo depicts the Mystical Rose Oratory, a central part of campus life. It is the site for worship and the Christian community - a place to nurture a maturing relationship with God and humankind.