Program Requirements

The Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies requires the completion of the general education core in addition to pre-major and major requirements. See the degree requirement section for details.

Pre-major requirements: ENV 100, BI 104, CH 102, CH 102L, ENV 201 and ENV 201L, ENV 202 and ENV 202L, GE 204, BU 200, and MA 103

Major requirements: ENV 300, ENV 315/EC 315, ENV/RE 431, SO 317, EN 307, PSY 434, ENV 400, BI 387, BI 471 and BI 471/L and ENV 485.

The following courses are recommended for Environmental Studies majors to fulfill their elective and/or UDOM degree requirements:

COurse number

course name

COM 310

Intercultural Communication

BI 312

Epidemiology and Public Health

EID 384

Sustainability in Design

BI 450

Science, Technology and Social Entrepreneurship

EN Literature courses related to the environment/sustainability