English Minor

The Minor in English invests students with critical and analytical skills that complement and encourage their creativity. The minor also promotes interdisciplinary studies in conjunction with history, education, criminal justice, communication and the sciences.

English Minor (12 credits): In addition to completion of the pre-minor requirements (6 credits), EN 314 and EN 315 (6 credits), the student must complete a total of two upper division English courses (6 credits) covering the following levels of study:

  • One 300 level course (three credits)

  • One 400 level course (three credits)

Upon completion of the English minor, students will be able to:

  1. Identify, define and apply literary critical approaches to analyze texts.

  2. Define, analyze and interpret texts and their cultural and historical contexts.

  3. Formulate and construct interpretive and creative applications of texts in workshops, literary performances, and other collaborative events in local communities.