• The writing concentration provides students with the study and practice of various forms of written expression and practical publishing experience

  • Any one or two of the following 300 level writing and publication courses: EN 302 Creative Writing: Fiction; 303 Creative Writing: Poetry; 362 Advanced Expository Writing; 371 Publications Workshop. Any three or four 400 level courses

Pre-major and pre-minor requirements (6 credits): EN 102 and any EN 200 level courses. All requirements must be passed with a grade of “C” or better.

Major/minor discipline requirements (9 credits):

EN 314

Backgrounds in American Literature 

3 semester hours

EN 315

Backgrounds in British Literature 

3 semester hours

EN 499

Senior Seminar 

3 semester hours

The Senior Seminar or capstone course is for majors only, and will be taken after the student has completed 15 credits in the major and achieved senior standing.