Integrative and Organismal Biology Track

BS in Biology Major Requirements

All students enrolled in the Biology Degree Program must complete the Core Curriculum for Track D as listed in their respective Catalog.

Pre-major: BI100, MA 110, MA210, MA 211, BI 215, BI 215L, CH 203, CH 203L, CH 323, CH 323L, CH 324, CH 324L

Major: BI 104, BI210L, BI 216, BI 216L, BI 307, BI 307L, BI 308, BI 308L, CH 204, CH 204L, PHY 251, PHY 251L, PHY 252, PHY 252L, BI 300, BI 302, BI 311, BI 312, BI 320, BI 320L, BI 321, BI 321L, BI 410, BI 410L, BI 411, BI 411L, BI 420, BI 471, BI 471L and two upper division elective Biology or Environmental Studies courses. Recommended courses include: BI 430/L, BI 360/L, BI 362/L, BI 435, BI 450, BI 499, CH 440/L, CH 447, ENV 300, ENV 310/L, ENV 313, ENV 400, ENV 401.

Integrative and Organismal Biology Track example schedule

1st year
Fall Pre-Major Courses: BI 100, BI 215/L, CH 203/L, MA 110
Spring Major Courses: BI 104, BI 210L, BI 216/L, CH 204/L

2nd year
Fall Pre-Major Courses: CH 323/L, MA 210
Fall Major Courses: BI 307/L
Spring Pre-Major Courses: CH 324/L, MA 211
Spring Major Courses: BI 308/L

3rd year
Fall Major Courses: BI 300, BI 311, BI 321/L
Spring Major Courses: BI 302, BI 312, BI 320/L

4th year
Fall Major Courses: BI 410/L, BI 420, PHY 251/L
Spring Major Courses: BI 411/L, BI471/L, PHY 252/L

And two upper division electives (see above for list of acceptable classes).