Requirements for the major in Chemistry

Note: EN 102 and COM 101 are prerequisites for all upper division courses

Pre-major requirements: CH 203, CH 203L, CH 204, CH 204L, PHY 251, PHY 251L, PHY 252, PHY 252L, MA 210, and MA 211.

Major requirements: BI 300, BI 302, BI 420, CH 323, CH 323L, CH 324, CH 324L, CH 334, CH 334L, CH 360, CH 360L, CH 362, CH 362L, CH 403, CH 422, CH 423, CH 423L, CH 430L, CH 440, CH 440L, CH 447, CH 490, CH 495, and two upper division electives. Recommended electives are BI 499 or BI 450 and one other upper division science course. Any two upper division Forensic Sciences, Biology, Data Science or Environmental Studies courses may fulfill the upper division elective requirements.