Surf Studies minor (12 credits)

SURF 341

Surf Studies in Hawaii


Select 9 credits:

SURF 351

Philosophy of Surfing


SURF 361

Business and Entrepreneurship in Surfing


SURF 410

Surfing and Marine Science


SURF 371

Environmental Studies: Surf Science


SURF 480

Current Issues in Surf Studies


Surf Studies Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Surf Studies minor, students will be able to:

  1. Describe and explain surfing’s Native Hawaiian origins

  2. Engage in comparative analysis of Hawai‘i surf culture with surf cultures in other parts of the US and the world

  3. Analyze literary, cinematic, televisual, and other popular culture representations of surfing and surf culture

  4. Define and discuss physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits of surfing

  5. Identify and analyze various elements of the Surf Industry from an ethical business/marketing perspective.

  6. Articulate the interrelation of surfing with coastal and marine ecosystems

  7. Apply the Marianist tradition of an integral/holistic education as it pertains to global awareness in the interdisciplinary field of surf studies within a diverse community of learners