Associate of Science (A.A.) in Natural Sciences

Science concentration course requirements for the A.S. in Natural Sciences are:

  • Two semesters of Chemistry (100 or 200 level) with Laboratory (8 to 10 credits)

  • Two semesters of Biology (100 or 200 level) with Laboratory (8 to 10 credits)

  • Completion of the Track B, D or E Mathematics requirements (3 or more credits)

  • A first year seminar course in the discipline of their choice Chosen from: BI 100, DS 100, HP 190, ENV 100, FS 230

Upon completion of the AS undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences, students will be able to:

  1. Carry out the scientific method by collecting, analyzing and interpreting data using appropriate mathematical and statistical tools

  2. Communicate scientific knowledge and principles clearly and effectively

  3. Perform laboratory, field or computationally-based practical scientific investigations safely, ethically, and effectively

  4. Apply fundamental scientific concepts and techniques to evaluate and formulate solutions to issues requiring adaptation and/or change.